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The personal website of Gangadhar "GV" Vellanki on Systems, Organization and Strategy

Systems, Organization and Strategy determine outcome of endeavors. The results of good and not-so-good ones are all around us. Citizen, Communities, Companies and Countries constantly make choices on the kind of Systems, Organization and Strategies they wish to adopt and abide by. Once a choice is made, Execution occurs in the form of Projects to set up the chosen Systems, Organization and Strategy. Subsequently, a set of Services provide the results of these to stakeholders constantly. Execution  therefore calls for a sound Project Management discipline and a right Service orientation according to the needs and sensitivities of our surroundings and times. Superior Leadership is a key ingredient and determining factor of the pace and progress in this journey. A competitive drive urges benchmarking of Progress with prevailing Standards. Finally, Economic indicators are a barometer of the choices that were made and their execution effectiveness.

As a firm believer of the above, I have put together links to knowledge resources available in the public domain that can assist us on this subject. I sincerely hope visitors will find some food for thought. Your feedback is welcome.


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